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    Mosaic with hammer and ceppo

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    Participant international symposium Sardinia 2018

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Mosaic art sale

I hereby cordially invite you to the open door weekend at ‘Mieke Ceusters Mosaico’ on Sat 15 and Sun 16 August from 10 am to 5 pm

After 15 years I have already made a lot of mosaics and it is time to move them to a new home. You can come and see the art that day, buy a mosaic, get information about a mosaic that you would like to have made for you, the new workshops that are coming up or just have a nice chat now that we can all come into contact with each other again .
To maintain the corona measures, only 3 people are allowed in the studio at a time – unless you come from the same bubble. But to make the wait a bit more pleasant, a snack will be offered at the door of the studio.
See you then.

Contemporary mosaic

The last 10 years a shift has taken place in the approach to this age-old craft. The emphasis is now more on mosaic as an art form and less on mosaic as an integration art. In addition to the old materials such as marble and smaltis, one can now also work with ‘other’ materials, which creates many more options. Mosaic is no longer just an integration art, but so much more!

  • Mieke Ceusters Mosaico

Symposium Sardinia 2018

In august 2018, I was invited by Maestro Giulio Menossi to participate in the ‘Third International Symposium on Contemporary Mosaic in Sardinia’. A fantastic experience, every day was special. Such as was the day that Beppi Dettori came to perform. For an impression watch the video below.

Mosaic workshops

Unique in Belgium: learn to make a mosaic with the right rules. Learn all about andamenti in various mosaic styles: Roman, Byzantine and contemporary. I also regularly receive foreign teachers in my studio, big names from the mosaic world, that way I keep in touch with the latest trends. I also give mosaic lessons at the art school of Wilrijk/Antwerp.