Scuola Mosaico del Friuli

Mosaic school Spilimbergo

One of the few schools with training for mosaic artists is the ‘Scuola Mosaico del Friuli’ in Spilimbergo – in the North of Italy. Located about 100 km from Venice.Gelegen op ongeveer 100 km van Venetië.

Lod mozaïek

The Lod mosaic in Paris

I visited the Lod mosaic in Paris in 2013.This particularly well-preserved mosaic, dated 300 AD, was discovered in 1996 in Lod near Tel Aviv. After extensive repairs and documentation, the mosaic was reburied to prepare well for the re-excavation and conservation of the mosaic in September 2009 (13 years later). This mosaic is all together 15 m x 8 m.