Sardinia Contemporary Mosaic & Art Ploaghe organized a first online symposium in times of corona.

The theme was (T)ESSERE LIBERI (omaggio a Giordano Bruno), a tribute to Giordano Bruno in combination with a kind of freedom (freely translated)…
Giordano Bruno was an Italian philosopher, priest, freethinker and cosmologist from the 16th Century. He said that the universe was infinite, that everything had a soul, for example stones, and was eventually burned at the stake for his ideas.

This eventually became my story and work:


The universe is infinite, nowadays this is a fact, in the time of Giordano Bruno that was an idea resulting in you burning at the stake. So this is a planet that COULD exist somewhere in this infinite universe. This allows me, as an artist, to let my imagination go free. I have used a lot of materials, but I have emphasized the use of pebbles, shells and marble because these are three materials that carry “old life”. As always in my pieces of work, you see colors and structure from a distance, but you have to come closer to discover all the ‘stories’ they tell. I placed this planet on a wooden pedestal, which I finished using fire (a reference to the stake on which Bruno died).

The sphere has a diameter of 40 cm